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Cottonwood Capital Advisors is an independent financial advisory and wealth management practice founded on three core values: candor, wisdom, and stewardship.




We place high priority on directness and openness. We want to unpack your story to fully understand your goals. We aren’t afraid to ask the difficult questions and deal with the answers. Candid, honest conversations are the foundation of every relationship at Cottonwood.




We leverage years of experience to create personal care around thoughtful wealth management. Count on us for plainspoken and prudent ideas needed to safeguard your wealth. Our independence allows us to engage seasoned attorneys, tax specialists, and trust experts to bring added competencies to your plan.




We are responsible for overseeing and protecting your strategy for financial success. We honor the trust you place in us, conducting your business with discretion and sophistication. We are servant leaders. Acting in our clients’ best interests is our moral imperative.